Top 5 Best Insurance Policies provided by Companies for College Students

Top 5 Best Insurance Policies provided by Companies for College Students

Auto insurance seems very expensive but when it comes to the college students it is way cheaper than you think, many companies provide very cheap insurance policy rates for young students especially the college students.In this piece of article we will provide you the best companies which provide you the best and cheap rates for the college students.

Why Insurance for College Student

Insurance can help a college student from getting broke, if you are college student and young and energetic then this is very common for you.Prolly you can get into accident and your car will get damage in order to avoid this you should buy insurance, it will help you secure your car.

1. Metromile

This company has a very unique way of doing business,  it provides a lot of ease to the college students and they can get very good package for their cars’ insurance. They depend upon the usage of the car’s mileage, more the mileage more you have to pay, less you drive less you have to pay them.


Allstate provides students to give discount on the distance they live from home, like if a student lives 100 miles away from home.Then they will not give him the discount he needed but if he travels in the 100 miles area they will give him 35% discount.


Liberty Mutual provides discount on the grading system, if a student has good grades then he is eligible for the discount especially if he has more than 3.0 gpa and you are under the age of 21.


Esurance policies are almost same with the above and the give you the best discount upto 20% if you are under the age of 25 and you are full time college student with minimum gpa of 3.0.


Farmers are doing this business for more than a decades and they are best in the business.They provide student discount on two basis if you live near your home within 150 miles and you have a gpa of more than 3.0.


In this guideline we have tell you about the companies offering discount to the students for the auto insurance.


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